What Does The Number 12 Mean In Biblical Numerology?

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The bibles meaning goes deeper than just the words on the page. Biblical numerology can give us a great amount of guidance in life and the number 12 has a lot of hidden meanings.

Number 12 in the Bible: Perfect Governing

This number is also present in everyday life: 12 months of the year or the 12 signs of the zodiac, among other examples. To begin with, this number appears 187 times throughout the biblical text. Note that in the book of Revelation it appears 22 times. In the latter case, this number tries to explain the end times.

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12 Apostles

One of the most important facts in the Bible is the choice of 12 apostles. Jesus, the son of God, chooses 12 men to follow him so that together they can communicate all that God has to say to them. Jesus and the apostles have the supreme mission of transmitting sacred values in order to praise God and to act correctly in life. During his mission Jesus works a miracle: with only two loaves and two fish he manages to feed a crowd of 5000 people. This food was distributed in 12 baskets and there was also food left over. As you can see, the presence of the number 12 is constant. Beyond the fact that there were 12 baskets, what the Bible wants to indicate is that this was a perfect miracle because God did it, through his son Jesus.

The Perfect Government

First of all the number 12 represents a perfect governing structure, which is formed with divine characteristics. The Bible states that these governmental structures were chosen by God and are therefore sacred. For example, when we read the Bible it speaks of “12 apostles”, “12 tribes of Israel”, , Jerusalem has “12 Gates”, “12 seals”, “12 foundations”, “12 fruits of the Tree of Life”, “Jesus is 12 years old the first time he speaks in public to transmit the word of God”, etc. These are just a few examples, as there are many more. Besides, all the examples indicate that everything will exist forever because it is perfect. We must remember that the Bible communicates everything through symbols, not literal messages. That’s why when it says “12 tribes of Israel”, it doesn’t refer exactly to that number of tribes, but those tribes are part of a perfect government, because that’s what God decided.

Although in some cases the Bible refers to the number 12 as that exact number, in other cases it is not. That is why we must carefully investigate what this wonderful holy book wants to tell us.

The Number 12 Biblical Meaning

Basically the Bible points to the number 12 as representing perfect government, because it comes from a decision of God. Throughout the biblical text the number 12 refers to an exact amount, but at other times it does not. That is why you have to read carefully, and then make a correct interpretation of the sacred text



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